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Essentials of Pain Management After Trauma

The goal of the conference is to improve knowledge of the specialists on the pain management of patients after trauma acquired during the recent Artsakh conflict.

Target audience: pain management specialist, orthopedists, neurologists, anesthesiologists, general practitioners, family doctors, rehabilitation specialists.

Language: English with Armenian simultaneous translation

Participation is free

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Post-Conflict Rehabilitation

The 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh War has strained Armenia's health system with the management of thousands of wounded soldiers and refugees in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the start of the war in September 2020, our organizations have initiated various efforts including coordination of rehabilitation volunteers traveling to Armenia, donation of therapeutic supplies, clinical webinars related to treatment and assessment of war injuries, teleconsultation with in-country clinicians, and a digital resource library. In order to further advance the field and promote international collaboration, we are organizing the Post-Conflict Rehabilitation Virtual Symposium to be held on July 17th & 18th, 2021. The goals of the conference are as follows:

● To stimulate interdisciplinary collaboration among Armenian healthcare providers to address identified challenges related to post-war rehabilitation.

● Facilitate the connection of Armenian healthcare providers and international rehabilitation experts to share evidence-based treatment methodologies and build local capacity.

● Empower local rehabilitation professionals to share their expertise and experience in an international platform, bringing awareness to the unique challenges of post-war Armenia and Artsakh.

This conference will be a culmination of international experts and participants coming together for the first multidisciplinary rehabilitation conference targeting post-war injuries. We look forward to further collaboration and efforts supporting capacity-building for Armenian rehabilitation.

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European Academy of Neurology Virtual Day in Armenia

European Academy of Neurology Virtual Day In Armenia

May 15, 2021, duration 10:00-16:00 Yerevan time

3 Armenian CME 

Target audience: neurologists, neurosurgeons, family physicians and rehabilitation specialists

Language: English with Armenian simultaneous translation

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1st Professor Edgar Housepian Clinical Neuroscience Symposium. Epilepsy

The International Center for Professional Development (ICPD) is cognizant of its duty to honor those who made substantial contributions to advancement of healthcare and medical education in Armenia.  The ICPD is proud to be the organizer of the 1st Professor Edgar Housepian Clinical Neuroscience Symposium on Epilepsy.

Professor Edgar Housepian was an internationally-renowned neurosurgeon at New York’s Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, whose daily activity was oriented to the creation for the sake of a human being, the community and the Country. He led the launch of still operating multiple Continuous Medical Education Programs designed for medical personnel of Armenia and Artsakh. His inexhaustible dedication and open-mindedness very much contributed to improvement of the health care system of Armenia.

Epilepsy surgery has proven to be very effective in treating refractory focal epilepsies in children and adults, by achieving seizure freedom or partial seizure control well beyond any other medical or dietary therapies. It still remains inaccessible in countries with limited resources for economic reasons and lack of well-organized epilepsy surgery centers. Starting in 2016 together with European colleagues the epilepsy surgery program has been initiated in the country. Since then a number of patients were operated successfully. We believe that sharing the knowledge and experience in 2 days virtual conference will further strengthen the field and promote international collaboration.

Symposium Chair: Dr. Biayna Sukhudyan, MD, PhD

Co-chairs: DrSevak Badalyan, MD; Dr. Samson Khachatryan, MD, PhD; Dr. Petia Dimova, MD, PhD

Target Audience 

Adult and pediatric neurologists, adult and pediatric neurosurgeons

Symposium Language

English with Armenian simultaneous translation


2 days, 4 hours per day

Registration required!

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